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What is ZipCall?

ZipCall offers two services; free international calls and free conference calls

Free international calls

ZipCall lets you use your free minutes to make international calls from your UK phone

If you have free calls to UK landlines included in your plan,
then dial 0333 232 3232 to make your calls,
and enter the full international number when prompted.

That’s it – free calls to Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain and the USA

Free conference calls

ZipCall Conference lets you use your free minutes to make free conference calls

Just register for your conference code & PIN and send the conference details to your participants.
Everyone just dials in using the same details at the meeting time & is connected together.

That’s it – talk together at no cost

About ZipCall

We created ZipCall to provide simple, straightforward, free to use communications products that enable our customers to speak and collaborate without restrictions.

Free international calls

When we launched our first international calls product eighteen years ago, a really cheap call to the USA was 5p/min.

Since then, fast internet, the smartphone and mobile data have come along, and it's now pretty easy to make free international calls. But until now there has always been a catch: whether it's patchy data coverage, poor line quality or needing to have both parties sitting in front of their computer, there was always something in the way of making it a great experience.

We knew we build something better.

Because we are an official UK registered telecom provider, we receive "interconnect" fees (that the customer doesn't pay but is what telecom companies pay each other for connecting calls). Despite interconnect fees being really low, because we buy international minutes at very high volume, we can route calls to certain destinations and still make money. This means that we can viably offer customers completely free international calls.

With ZipCall, we have strived to create something fiendishly simple, something that you will want to tell your friends about, and something that will grow rapidly and enable us to offer free calls to more and more countries.

Today we offer free calls to the Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain and the USA, and we'll be adding more and more countries as soon as we can. Keep in touch for updates.

Free conference calling

Conference calling is a great business tool, enabling teams to collaborate and deals to get done, but until now we haven’t found a provider that delivers a great service.

Other providers may offer free accounts, but then charge all your callers a premium for calling their expensive access number. These hidden fees that pass the cost onto your callers reflect badly on your business.

We created ZipCall Conference to offer instant setup, completely unlimited conference calling, completely free of charge, using access numbers that are included in free mintes. We love it so much we use it ourselves everyday!

Ditch your old provider and get started with ZipCall Conference today – all you need to register is your email address.

Customers drive our innovation, so please get in touch with any suggestions or queries and we'll be delighted to assist. or tweet us @zipcall

Contact ZipCall

Got a question, or want to find out when we are launching new countries?

Please get in touch with us at and we'll be delighted to assist